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Free Roof Inspections
We proudly offer free storm damage assessments. Our seasoned roofing specialists will come out and walk your roof in search of any abnormal wear and tear. We're always happy to look even if we aren't the first to do so!
Insurance Claims Advisement
Damage from thunderstorms, wind, hail, hurricanes, tornados, and many other weather events are often covered in your home insurance policy. We specialize in determining if the damage present is enough to justify sending a claim in to your agent.
Roof Installation
Our favorite part, where we expertly install a new roof on your home. We offer a wide range of products and our installation crew is among the best in Charlotte. Don't believe us? Check out our on Google!
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Free Roof Inspection

Walking a roof is hard work, that's why it's important to get a professional you can trust to do it right. Our team has been inspecting roofs for over a combined 40 years.

Any roof, big or small is important to us. We pride ourselves on taking care of every last customer and guarantee your satisfaction!

Damage can be present in the unlikeliest of places, we walk the entirety of every roof to make sure we uncover all evidence of storm damage.

In the Charlotte Area it's not uncommon to see 3+ hail storms a year, plenty of instances of high winds, as well as the occasional hurricane.

With the average shingle being replaced every 17 years it's important to know what's happening on your roof. Having inspected thousands of roofs we can give you the best information possible about your home.

Home Insurance Advisors

Being local to Charlotte gives us an advantage with your home insurance provider.

Operating in the area for 20 years means we understand what your homeowners insurance adjuster is looking for to give you a full replacement.

After a free inspection we show our customers the damage we find and give them our best advice on how and when to proceed with an insurance claim.

Through the entire process you don't have to worry about constantly meeting new people. The same person you speak to the first time will be your point of contact through the entire claim!

We can assist with filing a claim through your insurance, we've been doing this a long time so we know the ins and outs of speaking with home insurance providors.

After a claim is filed we come out to meet every adjuster to ensure they see everything we did when we inspected your roof.

Most insurance providers take 2-5 business days to get the claim back to you and release money for your new roof. When you receive your claim summary let us know and we will help you in selecting a style and color shingle that you'll love.

Many of our customers have been denied a replacement in the past, often by contracting with a roofer that doesn't understand your insurance provider like we do.

Fighting for claims is just who we are.  Our clients rest easy knowing we have their backs.


Putting a quality roof on your home takes craftsmanship.

That's why at Advanced Roofing Solutions we maintain our certifications with Certainteed as "Master Shingle Applicators", as well as our status as an "Owens Corning Preferred" Contractor

Unlike many other roofers, we don't pick subcontractors off a list. Our installers have been working with us for years and we know they get things done right!

Most projects are done in a day, let us know what you have going on and we're happy to accommodate!

The day before installation we bring some of our team members to your property to go over the project and develop a plan to keep your property looking its best through the process.

On the day of we start the tear off, where we strip your roof of shingles and old felt, down to the decking underneath.

Then we check for rot and replace any suspect decking before placing new felt on the roof.

After the felt is secured we begin shingling the roof, starting from the bottom we layer the shingles up to the caps.

While shingling we replace any boots or ports you have on your roof with new ones to match the color and style of your home.

Along the top we replace or, in the case you don't already have them, install code compliant ridge caps to ventilate your attic properly.

The important final step is sealing your roof anywhere it's needed with metal flashing. This is the most common place to see leaks on a new roof, which is why we take extra care to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship.

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